About me..

My working philosophy is to show the beauty of the wood. I work mainly with reclaimed timber in that way no harm to living trees is done. My works are both natural and a few are textured and colored depending on the desired effect.I do also like sculptural work in order to extend the lathe with other tools.

How it began…

I came across the material Wood at an early age while harvesting wood with my parents for the ofen heating. Years later in school i

loved working with wood doing a little carving and construction works. 

However I followed an academic path and a career as a software support engineer, but my interest in doing something with your own hands came into my mind around 2005 because I saw an article about wooden bowls in a magazine or cataloge and somehow I wanted to learn how such a piece can be done. After that I went to a beginners class for woodturning and I was hooked. From the hobby woodturning while working full time in the IT business it became more and more fascinating and due to some job changes I decided to dedicate more time to it.

Since 2015 I focus on unique pieces of

• Hollowforms, boxes and bowls

• Lights

• Sculptures

• Pens

Since 2018 I'm a Member of the crafts organization Bund der Kunsthandwerker Baden-Württemberg and Bundesverband Kunsthandwerk.

Where to find the wooden beautiful pieces..?

I show some of my works in the popup atelier in Forum Hanau and exhibitions throughout the year. In the attic of my workshop is a little showroom where I store all my works for you to touch and feel in reality. I'd be glad to welcome you if you want to explore the works in more detail, so please drop me a mail or fill in the contact form to make an appointment.